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Hi All,

I am using rdlc in my window application. I am using 2 Table Adapter with parameter as datasource and custom paging 8 X 5.5 in rdlc. I want to print rdlc report without viewing it. I have gone through the following link:[^]

But, it is not best for my application.

I want efficient as well as easy code or method to print it.

Updated 22-Apr-11 21:05pm
Sandeep Mewara 23-Apr-11 1:22am
Your question sounds more of qualitative type then an issue of some sort. What kind of response you are expecting here? 23-Apr-11 2:55am
My point was that Why do I export report into images and Print them one by one. However, we could do it without wasting our system resoucres to do all these things. I have done it with following way. Please comment on that.

1 solution

Hi All,

I just tried the following concept to print without viewing report.
DialogResult ans = MessageBox.Show("Want Print Preview?", "App Message", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question);
if (ans == DialogResult.No)
Int32 OrderID = Convert.ToInt32(dgvOrders.SelectedRows[0].Cells["OrdID"].Value);
//Create a ReportViewer Control.
ReportViewer _reportviewer = new ReportViewer();
LocalReport _localReport = _reportviewer.LocalReport;
//Set the LocalReport properties for the report datasource and resource
_localReport.ReportPath = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + "..\\..\\Jobs\\PrintOrder.rdlc";
//_localReport.ReportPath = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + "Jobs\\PrintOrder.rdlc";
this.tblOrderItemsTableAdapter.Fill(this.billDataSet.tblOrderItems, OrderID);
this.tblOrderTableAdapter.Fill(this.billDataSet.tblOrder, OrderID);
ReportDataSource _reportDataSource1 = new ReportDataSource();
_reportDataSource1.Name = "BillDataSet_tblOrder";
_reportDataSource1.Value = this.billDataSet.tblOrder;
ReportDataSource _reportDataSource2 = new ReportDataSource();
_reportDataSource2.Name = "BillDataSet_tblOrderItems";
_reportDataSource2.Value = this.billDataSet.tblOrderItems;
_reportviewer.RenderingComplete += new RenderingCompleteEventHandler(_reportviewer_RenderingComplete);
FormPrntOrd _Order = new FormPrntOrd(Convert.ToInt32(dgvOrders.SelectedRows[0].Cells[0].Value));

We can call _reportviewer.Print() or _reportviewer.PrintDialog() in _reportviewer_RenderingComplete. The _reportviewer should be declare in partial class.
sh_mary1 19-Jul-12 10:21am
I check this code but i get error in (RenderingCompleteEventHandler(_reportviewer_RenderingComplete);) line please what this error
anbumania 23-Oct-13 7:32am
I want to print through rdlc method without using print preview wpf ...anybody know tell me....

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