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Hello everyone,

I am new to this community. I need some help regarding my college project. I'm thinking of making a file explorer. There is still plenty of time in my hand and time is not an issue. The questions I want to ask are:

* am I thinking of something that is achievable?
* which language would be preferable(c++ or java)?
* what all background knowledge should I have before actually starting with the project?

I have a month or so for finalizing my topic and starting my work so please suggest accordingly.

Updated 26-Apr-11 8:26am
Hans Dietrich 26-Apr-11 14:26pm    
Edited for grammar and SMS speak.
ankit_khedekar 26-Apr-11 14:31pm    
thanks,further help would be appreciated

I think there are articles here on CodeProject that talk about doing a file explorer.

Why didn't you mention C#? Is that not an option for you? Using C# would probably be most attractive to future employers.
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ankit_khedekar 26-Apr-11 14:36pm    
yes,you guessed it right. c# is not an option for me as i know nothing about it.
i have mostly been working in java
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Apr-11 17:45pm    
"Not an option?" -- it's just what you think now!
Not a good reason to deny C#. You will gain a lot in terms of learning and can save a lot of time on implementation. Think again.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Apr-11 17:46pm    
Hans, my 5.
I would pick C++ over Java. I haven't used Java much, but for a file system Explorer, using C++ might make better sense. Not only is it achievable, but unless you try and implement some really fancy UI, it might take you a lot less time to do it than you think. Which is a good thing as it gives you time to add extra stuff over the basic explorer.
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ankit_khedekar 26-Apr-11 14:53pm    
thanks nishant.i was preferring java because i have previously worked in it for basic file handling and user interfaces.but in case of c++ i'l have to start with these things first.but anyways i'l give it a thought
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Apr-11 17:43pm    
Why all those people think that learning of another language is harder than doing a complex project? If you learn just one language, you're not a software developer in real life.
Even though I would recommend C#, I appreciate the idea which deserves my 5.
keep in touch
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- Java will do the job as well as C does.

- think about your goals - what should the File Explorer be able to do? list them.

- if Java is chosen: determinate if you want to use Swing or SWT.

- make a plan - try to set up a UML (class diagram).

- encode what you have developed. You will find out, that there are certain things while programming, that do not fit your requirement or turn out different. Update your documentation and keep it up to date.

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ankit_khedekar 27-Apr-11 10:12am    

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