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Hey friends,I am a complete newbie in programming c++,know a bit of c language just the basics not advance thing.I was just googling and came here.

Now I want to learn c++ from scratch to advance level nomatter how much time it will take,so can you suggest few good books saw other threads as well but there are so many books got confused which one to read.I know everyone suggested according to their experience but its kinda confusing for a newbie.isnt it?Read somewhere complete reference by herbert shildt is good but read at few forums that its not good and not recommended

Now experts plz tell me a good book which covers all c++ basics and fundamentals my queries like how to design softwares that work on windows and how to make it for linux as well.
Like it always surprise me developers write code separately for all os or they just change the extension like a software is there for windows in exe and same is there for mac in dmg or say linux in rpm so do they write separate codes or just change the extension then how
And what is the difference in c++ and visual c++,what are the pros and cons of both like why we use c++ and why visual c++
Updated 27-Apr-11 1:43am
Olivier Levrey 27-Apr-11 7:43am    
I removed pre tag: it should be used only for code formating.

Here you may find some useful suggestions: "Useful Reference Books"[^] at CodeProject.

BTW C++ is a programming language, while Visual C++ is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows you to graphically design 'forms' (hence the 'Visual') for applications running in the Windows OS.
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Neeraj Rawat 1 28-Apr-11 19:35pm    
which one is used for developing softwares then I guess c++ we cant develop softwares for linux using visual c++ am i right ?Then what is the use of Visual C++
CPallini 29-Apr-11 3:02am    
Visual C++ targets the Windows platform. If you need to develop software for the Linux OS then may use, for instance, the g++ compiler.
This is a very often asked question here. My answer is usually to link to The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List on SO:[^]
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Neeraj Rawat 1 28-Apr-11 19:37pm    
This is the very first link I got while searching and researching but need to know which order should I proceed atleast to begin with
This has already been asked a lot of times (See here[^])

I stand by my previous answer:
There are a LOT of good books on the subject. I strongly believe that it's more important to learn from your own mistakes and to solve some real live problems on your own - so my advice: get any book with good overall reviews and simply start coding! :)
As for specific recommendations: "Thinking in C++" is a decent read and it's not a bad book to get you started, but Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming Language" is the best source of C++ knowledge I know. Good Luck!!
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Himansu sekhar bal 27-Apr-11 8:51am    
"Thinking in C++" is a very good book,
Neeraj Rawat 1 28-Apr-11 19:39pm    
Yup read that Stroustrup books is also a very good book but not for beginners will surely read it by the developer of C++
Check this discussion
How can i learn c++ programming?[^]
and i am copying my answer here,

I started learning c++ with the book Thinking in c++.This is a two volume book starts with the basics of C, C++ and discuss up to design patterns.I suggest you to start with it.You may find difficulty if you don't have any programming experience.But if you do practice it will become simple.

Volume 1:[^]

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Neeraj Rawat 1 28-Apr-11 20:00pm    
Thanks for the links downloaded it for future reference saw few starting pages dont think so its for completely newbies however people are much more experienced then me and many recommended this like you so nodoubt a good book
I learnt myself C++ through this book, maybe it's not the best out here but I found it easy to understand and exhaustive[^]
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Sorry, but Bjarne Stroustrup is certainly not for a beginner. You can check it yourself visiting his site and browsing through the articles there. I also think that to program you would have to learn C (the native language of Windows and UNIX-like systems) together or before C++. Do not hope much on free books found on Internet. Better buy a good printed book. My personal advice is Practical C++ Programming by Steve Oualline, O Reilly 2003. You can buy a used one on for as much as 2.43 USD!
Sergey Chepurin.
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