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Hi Everyone

I was wondering how can i make it so when a user clicks on a listview item all its subitems are output to a textbox. The code i have now works but only work for a particlar listview item, how can i make it so displays by the item the user chooses.

I know i have to uses a for loop.,.but still abit unsure.

With Me.ListView1
    For i As Integer = 0 To .SelectedItems.Count - 1
        Dim myString As String = ListView1.Items(i).SubItems(0).Text
        Dim myString1 As String = ListView1.Items(i).SubItems(1).Text
        Dim myString2 As String = ListView1.Items(i).SubItems(2).Text
        Dim myString3 As String = ListView1.Items(i).SubItems(3).Text
        Dim myString4 As String = ListView1.Items(i).SubItems(4).Text
        Dim myString5 As String = ListView1.Items(i).SubItems(5).Text
        txtsummary1.Text = myString1
        txtsummary2.Text = myString2
        txtsummary3.Text = myString3
        txtsummary4.Text = myString4
        txtsummary5.Text = myString5
    Next i
End With

any help would be great

1 solution

Firstly I set the Multi Select to false....

Private Sub ListView1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ListView1.SelectedIndexChanged
       With Me.ListView1
           Dim i As Integer
            For Each item As ListViewItem In ListView1.SelectedItems
               i = item.Index

           Dim innercounter As Integer = 0
           For Each subItem As ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem In ListView1.Items(i).SubItems
               Dim myString As String = ListView1.Items(i).SubItems(innercounter).Text
               Select Case innercounter
                   Case 1
                       TextBox1.Text = myString
                   Case 2
                       TextBox2.Text = myString
                   Case 3
                       TextBox3.Text = myString
                   Case 4
                       TextBox4.Text = myString
                   Case 5
                       TextBox5.Text = myString
               End Select
               innercounter += 1
       End With
   End Sub
SIFNOk 28-Apr-11 6:11am
Thanks Roobbb! Works Like a Dreammm.
Rob Branaghan 28-Apr-11 6:13am
Your welcome! Glad I could help :)

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