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hi everybody,
I am planing to do a card game called "trex" its so popular in my place .. there are 4 players in this game.. so 52/4 = 13 cards for each player
-how to divide those card for each player randomly..
-and how to display the divided cards on form1.cs[design]
-how to assign every single card with its image for form1.cs[design]

I have the card.cs class

namespace cards_game
    /// Card suit values
    public enum Suit
        Diamonds, Spades, Clubs, Hearts
    /// Card face values
    public enum FaceValue
        Two = 2, Three = 3, Four = 4, Five = 5, Six = 6, Seven = 7, Eight = 8,
        Nine = 9, Ten = 10, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, Ace = 14
    public class Card
        // Objects for card information
        private readonly Suit suit;
        private readonly FaceValue faceVal;
        private bool isCardUp;
        public Suit Suit { get { return suit; } }
        public FaceValue FaceVal { get { return faceVal; } }
        public bool IsCardUp { get { return isCardUp; } set { isCardUp = value; } }
        /// Constructor for a new card.  Assign the card a suit, face value, and if the card is facing up or down
        public Card(Suit suit, FaceValue faceVal, bool isCardUp)
            this.suit = suit;
            this.faceVal = faceVal;
            this.isCardUp = isCardUp;
        public override string ToString()
            return "The" + faceVal.ToString() + "of" + suit.ToString();

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Updated 29-Apr-11 20:32pm

1 solution

1) Use the class System.Random.
2) Use the class System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox.
3) Dynamically combine small images denoting Suite with the card's layout (say, arranging 6 spades has the same layout as 6 clubs, but not the same as 10 spades) and "picture" cards: Jack, Queen and King. You can "compile" those combination into each of the individual cards during initialization and reuse those images during the rest of the game.

You're using public all the time where you might work with internal; public is only needed to access declarations form another assembly. Will you use these declarations in different assemblies? Plan ahead and try not to use higher access then really needed.

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