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I need to control C-State configuration. Specifically, I'd like to execute the following asm code:
        and eax, 0x00
        or eax, 0x01

Currently, I got this exception on rdmsr line:
Unhandled exception at 0x00e3139e in MessWithCStates.exe: 0xC0000096: Privileged instruction.

How can I (permanently) elevate priviliges of my app so it could execute the code above? I use VS 2010.

NOTE: It is possible without writing a kernel-mode driver. See R/W Everything.
Updated 3-May-11 0:57am
Lutosław 4-May-11 8:20am
Could anybody provide a solution to at least a *similar* problem? Any valid __asm code which didn't execute for some reason and started working after applying a priviliges-related trick. I couldn't find any suitable and working solution over the Internet.

this instruction must be executed at a privilege level of 0.
I think you're out of luck unless you can elevate yourself to Kernel Mode[^].

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