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Hi guys,

My current project involves programming a robot to to basic stuff like move-about and follow instructions send by a phone via bluetooth. I have not yet started coding for this project since i am not sure which language is best for embedded systems.

I know c has been the official default selection for such tasks but is c++ also capable? I prefer c++ given its object oriented nature so if anyone thinks its not a good choice please let me know why.

P.S I'll be putting a link to a video of the robot once done plus some credits will definitely go to code project users.
Updated 3-May-11 18:08pm
Sandeep Mewara 3-May-11 7:34am    
AFAIK, C++ is better and chosen option. Never heard of going for a C above C++. Since I am not sure, not posting it as an answer.
[no name] 3-May-11 7:35am    
As Sandeep said which language you have choosen finally. based on that only we can help you.
Mwanzia_M 3-May-11 7:39am    
As I mentioned in my Q I love C++ but I hear that its not good for microcontroller/embedded system programming. Is it possible to use C++ to code an embedded device without having to worry alot about memory usage?
Rajesh Anuhya 3-May-11 7:51am    
i think it was totally depends on your micro controller compiler,
yesotaso 3-May-11 8:03am    
One principles of design: Good design demands compromise. If you dont worry about memory management you need something else to worry about that. That Something else will consume your resources to achieve worrying business. Thats theory you better find sample cases to decide.

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What's really going to dictate this choice is your embedded device, its operating system, capabilities, and the libraries it'll supply. You can usually use C/C++. C# is almost never an available choice.
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Mwanzia_M 3-May-11 15:02pm    
gee, you make so much sense till I wonder y I overlooked what the device supports. Thanks.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-May-11 0:26am     CRLF
Dave, I changed three companies doing controls of machines including robotics based on third-party motion systems. You probably have no idea how much industries have shifted into .NET! These days I see more hardware APIs supporting .NET then maybe even C/C++. Believe or not. Time has changed. Perhaps your information is slightly obsolete. My respect, --SA
Dave Kreskowiak 4-May-11 7:02am     CRLF
For industrial controls, yeah, I wouldn't doubt it. But for hobbiest, not so much.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-May-11 15:40pm     CRLF
Yes, I admit I'm not well familiar with hobby market. Thank you for the note. --SA

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