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Hey guys,

I am planning to develop a web application. However, I could not decide on a language. Basically, the language must provide these features:

- Works on Mac OS, Windows, Linux(Without plugin)
- Supports dynamic interaction with the server. I mean, we will see the changes right after the change without refreshing the page.
- Fast

Which programming language and platform would you prefer?

Note: I am planning to integrate it into facebook.

1. Which languages do you know? Or want to learn anyway? You may well have a few learning curves to ascend apart from just a server language.
2. Everything that runs on the web server and generates web pages should work with any decent browser - you'll have to test your site on a variety of browsers anyway if you want it to work on whatever platform your users happen to have (any site should be happy with Mac / Windows / Linux as clients, with recent versions of Internet Explorer / Firefox / Opera / Safari / Chrome) - and even more testing if you want it to work on a reasonable variety of mobile devices.
3. Most web sites deliver a combination of HTML, CSS and javascript (including AJAX - which I think is what you mean by dynamic interaction with the server - for which you need either explicit support in your server platform or knowledge of XML or both), so you may well need to know a reasonable amount about those - possibly also Flash, though that is a bit more specialised, if fairly common.
4. Server side - ASP.NET (using C# or VB) and PHP are fairly common - but there are plenty of others.
5. Depending on complexity, you might need a Content Management System (e.g. JoomLa, which is free).
6. You may also need a database to support whatever you do (MySQL / SQL Server are common) - and may need to know a bit of SQL to use it depending on what server language / other facilities you use.
7. What you go with may also depend on whether your hosting is on a Windows or Linux (or other) server / what features your hosting provider offers / what they charge.
8. For any of the above you may have to learn how to configure things on your server, get components to work together, get to grips with a development environment . . .
9. To integrate with Facebook you'll have to get to know the FB API and how to generate the relevant web requests / handle the responses
10. Speed - on a decent commerical web hosting service, all of these are fast - with the caveat that if the coding / design of a site is sufficiently inefficient anything can be made to go as slowly as required :-) Seriously, if it isn't as fast as you want, (a) find out what is slowing it down and/or (b) pay to upgrade to a beefier server platform - and speed is partly about how many concurrent requests can be handled without a noticeable slowdown as well as raw speed for a single request which, beyond a certain point, may become less important.

As a general resources, W3Schools ([^]) is a good starting point.

Personal preference : Windows hosting with ASP.NET / C# and SQL Server database - which should deliver everything you've specified

Second choice : PHP/MySQL/JoomLa - which would probably also deliver everything you've specified, though I haven't personally tried all the relevant bits (e.g. AJAX or accessing FB) so you'd need to do a bit more research.

And client side : HTML/CSS/javascript/AJAX, no Flash

I use and have been well pleased with the combination of facilities / cost and good support.

That probably goes beyond the strict remit of your question, but I don't think you can consider what language you use properly without considering all the other stuff that goes round it.
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thatraja 3-May-11 20:01pm    
Excellent answer, my 5 for your effort.
Sandeep Mewara 4-May-11 1:02am    
My 5+!
RaviRanjanKr 4-May-11 1:20am    
Nice Answer,My 5 :)
Abhinav S 4-May-11 1:22am    
Good answer. 5.

it is better to use C#, or php both are good for web applications
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