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I am using the below code to read the image data. It is of 3922126 length. But after reading it. b_FileData stores only three bytes. How to read the image(bitmap) fully and save it in bytes in order to store it in the database.

     LPBYTE b_FileData = NULL; //File data container
    CFile m_file;
    DWORD l_Filelen;
    m_file.Open(lpszName,CFile::modeRead | CFile::modeNoTruncate);

l_Filelen = m_file.GetLength();
b_FileData = new BYTE[l_Filelen];
m_file.Close();//Close the file

I am not sure about storing the data in database.But code you posted should work.Also, how you know that b_FileData is having 3 bytes of information.Check the return value of
m_file.Read(b_FileData,l_Filelen);.If it is equal to l_Filelen then the code is reading full file.
i think you're missing CFile::typeBinary in your Open call

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