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Hello All,
I am stuck at one point where i am opening Microsoft application from C# program and then it writes small paragraph to word from C# and then person has to edit a bit manually in paragraph and leaves cursor anywhere in that paragraph and then C# program again writes paragraph but this time C# doesn't know about the position of cursor because it would be somewhere in middle of paragraph or anywhere in from C# i need to know the position of cursor and move it to last character of that document. i know it's possible but i don't know how to..
If any of you know how to solve this. Please Reply here.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Go to Word - record a macro that does what you want - maybe edit what gets recorded to tidy it up.

Install and reference the relevant version of the Office / Word primary interop assemblies if you haven't done so already.

Copy the recorded macro to your VB code (or edit it to do the same in C#) - maybe some further editing might be needed, but hopefully not much - the VBA macros that get recorded are normally (in my experience) very close to what's needed in VB if you use the PIAs because both translate into / wrap the same COM objects.
mohit`12 6-May-11 9:23am
I Exactly do not know how word does that job otherwise i would have recorded MACRO.there's sure some function or piece of code in c#/C++/VB that does this job easily just need to findout what is it.. thx
NuttingCDEF 6-May-11 12:48pm
Start the macro recorder - go to Word - hit Ctrl-End - Stop recorder - look at the code it's recorded.
mohit`12 9-May-11 10:57am
yeah i found out how recording macro works but word doesn't do that job with their own functionality so i had to write a small piece of code for that function. Hittign END key takes cursor to end of that paragraph in my case i will have 1000 page and user will be editing any page but when user receives new data it has to go at the last line: P anyways thx i got to learn something new frm you ..
NuttingCDEF 9-May-11 18:10pm
Which version of Word are you using? In every (Windows) version I've used, Ctrl-End takes you to the end of the document. End to end of line. Shift-Down to end of paragraph.
object oMissing = System.Reflection.Missing.Value;
object oEoF = WdUnits.wdStory;
wordApp.ActiveWindow.Selection.EndKey(ref oEoF, ref oMissing);
mohit`12 9-May-11 10:55am
awesome works like charm thx alot..and another question if u know when i open word app from c# it hides under my c# application/form. any way to call that window on top or onfront...
thanks alot..
try hooking the keyboard avaliable in codeproject, search for windows hooks
Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdStory
Selection.TypeText Text:=""
phil.o 30-Sep-15 2:45am
Not C#. Moreover, what is the point to answer an already answered 4-years old question?
goodyboy 23-Mar-16 1:43am
point is .... if somebody stuck in the same situation. so they can find answer here....

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