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I had just started working on WPF tree view and....
I had attached a tree view in my project to show a book library. The tree view is binded to a XML file which contain Category and book name and reference to the Cover page image of book.
XML File is:
<Library Name="My Library">
    <Category CategoryName="All" Name="All">
        <Book CategoryName="Fiction" Name="The DaVinci Code" ref="C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\Page_1"/>
            <Book CategoryName="Story" Name="The Monk" ref="C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\Page_2"/>
        <Book CategoryName="Story" Name="Photos" ref="C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\Page_3"/>
            <Book CategoryName="Horror" Name="Better You" ref="C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures\Page_4"/>
        <Book CategoryName="Horror" Name="Dracula"/>

I want to show the corresponding image on tree view item selected in grids but cant find a way to return the ref attribute on tree view item selection on left mouse click.
please help.
Updated 11-May-11 20:40pm

1 solution

The key is: your tree view item's Content can be of any type.

Make if a data type representing your book:

class TreeViewContent {
    internal TreeViewContent(string categoryName, string name, Uri reference) { /*...*/ }
    internal Uri Reference { get { return fReference; } }
    internal string CategoryName { get { return fCategoryName; } }
    internal string Name { get { return fName; } }
    public override string ToString() { /* calculate and return what you want to see in the tree */ }
    string fCategoryName, fName;
    Uri fReference;
} //class TreeViewContent

The key here is overridden object.ToString — this is what you want to see in the nodes of tree view representing the book. You can extend this class to represent different classifiers.

As I understand, you already know how to handle System.Windows.Controls.TreeView.SelectedItemChanged.

If this event you should cast note content to TreeViewContent type and use your TreeViewContent.Reference property (or any other properties) in your handle code.


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