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I am new to php and working on a small project.
I have a php page that reads all info from a mysql database and display it in a html table.
I want to place 2 buttons at the end of the table that when clicked must either accept or reject/delete the entry.

Here is what I have so far:

$query="SELECT * FROM to3rd_temp";<br />
$result=mysql_query($query);<br />
$num=mysql_numrows($result);<br />
<br />
mysql_close();<br />
<br />
echo "<center>Database Output</center><br><br>";<br />
<br />
// Draw table Header<br />
echo "<table border="2"><tr><br />
<td>header 1</td><br />
<td>header2</td><br />
//Removed code to make post shorter<br />
<td>Accept/Reject</td><br />
</tr>";<br />
<br />
//Loop all info in DB<br />
$i=0;<br />
<br />
while ($i < $num) {<br />
<br />
$id=mysql_result($result,$i,"id");<br />
$datesub=mysql_result($result,$i,"datesub");<br />
//Removed code to make post shorter<br />
$value=mysql_result($result,$i,"value");<br />
<br />
echo "<tr> <br />
<td>$datesub</td><br />
<td>$dateocc</td><br />
//Removed code to make post shorter<br />
<td><input type='button' name='button1' value='Accept'> <br />
 <br><br />
<input type='button' value='Reject'><br />
</br></td><br />
</tr>";<br />
<br />
$i++;<br />
}<br />
// Close Table<br />
echo "</table>";<br />
echo "<center><a href="index.php">Back</a></center><br><br>";<br />

If someone could please assist me to get the buttons to work I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

You can write 2 functions in php that does the deleting and accepting the values and call them with onClick event of the button.

Give it a try. Let us know if it wont work or you get any errors.

You should take a look at PHP forms[^]. Following that link you will see a really simple sample that will help you.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

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