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I'm trying to add a new tab and my controls programatically to visual studio 2010.
Its creating tab but its not adding the controls to tab.

//Getting design time environment
          DTE DesignTimeEnvironment = (DTE)Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetTypeFromProgID("VisualStudio.DTE.10.0"), true);
          //Getting tool box object
          ToolBox VSToolBox = (ToolBox)DesignTimeEnvironment.Windows.Item("{B1E99781-AB81-11D0-B683-00AA00A3EE26}").Object;
          ToolBoxTab MyTab = null;
          string TabName = "MyComponents";
          //checkin if Tab already exists
          foreach (ToolBoxTab VSTab in VSToolBox.ToolBoxTabs)
              if (VSTab.Name == TabName)
                  MyTab = VSTab;
          }      //If tab doesn't exist, creating new one
          if (null == MyTab)
              MyTab = VSToolBox.ToolBoxTabs.Add(TabName);
          ToolBoxItem tbi = MyTab.ToolBoxItems.Add("FileBrowser",
              @"MyComponents.FileBrowser, MyTestComps, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2283de3658476795",

If i run as administrator its working fine, adding Controls to control library,
but when I try to add the library which is not in GAC its not working. It doesn't through any exception.
ToolBoxItem tbi = MyTab.ToolBoxItems.Add("FileBrowser",
Updated 12-May-11 18:08pm
BobJanova 12-May-11 8:07am
Is the MyTestComps assembly where VS can see it?

Also, this doesn't seem like the right way to add things.
Chil Umez 12-May-11 8:20am
YES its in GAC
I tried giving the path where dll file is stored, even that didn't work
If this is not the right way please suggest the correct one
BobJanova 12-May-11 13:54pm
Either with a VS plugin or by adding it in the IDE yourself, I think. I was expecting there to be an auto-searched repository like SharpDevelop has but a quick search didn't find one.

1 solution

Its working fine, If I run the application with administrator rights.

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