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I want to clear session varibale value in logout event. but it won't works.
code is here
if (Page.IsPostBack == false)
                string s = Session["loginid"].ToString();

                if (Session["loginid";].ToString() == "")
Updated 12-May-11 23:53pm

Usually we use Session.Abondon() method to destroy all objects stored in session object if a user logs out.
If you need to clear only a particular session object, set it to null.
Session["loginid"] = null;

And do a null check wherever you need to check if it has any value or not.
if (Session["loginid"] == null)
    //user is logged in

Session["loginid"] = ""; still refers to a memory location, but if you assign the session object a null value, it will no more refer to any memory location, which in your case makes more sense.

BTW I also notice a syntax error in your code, if (Session["loginid";].ToString() == "")
The semi colon shouldn't be there.

Hope this helps!
raju melveetilpurayil 13-May-11 6:26am
Good one :P my 5
singh7pankaj 13-May-11 6:47am
It won't works.
I corrected it all but also its not done
Ankur\m/ 13-May-11 6:52am
Did you try what I said? Moreover why the code is inside "Page.IsPostBack == false". Remove that as well.
singh7pankaj 13-May-11 6:58am
Yes i remove all that but also it won't work
Ankur\m/ 13-May-11 7:09am
Did you assign Session["loginid"] = null; after the user logs out?
singh7pankaj 13-May-11 7:00am
Its not working after removing that also
Ankur\m/ 13-May-11 7:45am
Is it working now?
singh7pankaj 13-May-11 23:14pm
No its not working after giving that also
u can do like

singh7pankaj 13-May-11 6:49am
It won't works.I did that also.
Nick Reshetinsky 13-May-11 7:30am
Session["loginid"] = null;
it's right cause if you assign "" (empty string) it would still reference some memory block

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