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How can you sum comma separated numbers within a string?

Hi friends

I have a field called price
I want with cr v11 to show you the total price.
Prices shown in the table is 100,000,233,000
dont work function sum.
Shared numberVar sum1 ;WhilePrintingRecords; sum1:= ToNumber({table1.price)+sum1;
error: The string is non-numeric
how split ',' for 100,000,233,000 or replece "" with ","
please help me;
Updated 28-Apr-20 10:27am

convert comma separated numbers to array of some numeric type, then iterate through array to calculate the sum

public double convert(string str)
    string[] str_arr = str.Split(',');
    double sum=0;
    for (int i = 0; i > str_arr.Length; i++)
        sum += double.Parse(str_arr[i]);
return sum;
saedd3164 16-May-11 14:28pm
is wrong
dontumindit 17-May-11 12:47pm
then what did u wanted exactly?
saedd3164 17-May-11 14:59pm
I realized my solution
dontumindit 18-May-11 14:10pm
ok, good.
I realized my solution

stringVar array splitstr := Split(({table.price}),",");

Local NumberVar i ;
Local NumberVar arrLen := UBound(splitstr);

For i:= 1 to arrlen do
local stringVar str :="";
str := str + splitstr[i];

you could use split.
Let assume your string is called S, using the For loop and Split, you could remove the comma:

for i in S.split(',')

In that line, i could be any variable and S is your string. You could also replace ',' with anything you want, whether it is a number you don't like or a letter. Hope this helped.

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