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I have an XML file I need to read and grab some data from.
This data is eventually loaded to an SQL database and the stored procedures that need to load this data can still be used. The current way this data is read needs to be updated and thus my problem.

I'm trying to write a C# program to read this data.

Some of the "segments", "records" whatever you want to call them can exist and even multiple of them or may not exist at all.
This problem of not being there when I'm trying to capture the data is what is currently causing a problem.

The error is something like not accounting for a null condition or something similar.
Updated 15-May-11 21:50pm
Fabio V Silva 15-May-11 18:23pm
Can you show any code? That would help.
Dalek Dave 16-May-11 3:50am
Edited for Grammar and Readability.

In addition to Wonde solution take a look there-[XML Read][^] for learn various way to Read XML files.
using System;
using System.Xml;
namespace ReadXml1
    class Class1
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Create an isntance of XmlTextReader and call Read method to read the file
            XmlTextReader textReader = new XmlTextReader("C:\\books.xml");
            // If the node has value
            while (textReader.Read())
                // Move to fist element
                Console.WriteLine("XmlTextReader Properties Test");
                // Read this element's properties and display them on console
                Console.WriteLine("Name:" + textReader.Name);
                Console.WriteLine("Base URI:" + textReader.BaseURI);
                Console.WriteLine("Local Name:" + textReader.LocalName);
                Console.WriteLine("Attribute Count:" + textReader.AttributeCount.ToString());
                Console.WriteLine("Depth:" + textReader.Depth.ToString());
                Console.WriteLine("Line Number:" + textReader.LineNumber.ToString());
                Console.WriteLine("Node Type:" + textReader.NodeType.ToString());
                Console.WriteLine("Attribute Count:" + textReader.Value.ToString());
Dalek Dave 16-May-11 3:51am
You can read xml file using XmlTextReader[^].NET class. However, if you want more control over it, just take a look at Load and save objects to XML using serialization[^]

I hope this will help you well.
RaviRanjanKr 15-May-11 22:55pm
Nice Answer, My 5 :)
Wonde Tadesse 21-May-11 23:06pm
Thanks RaviRanjankr.
Dalek Dave 16-May-11 3:50am
Good Answer.
Wonde Tadesse 21-May-11 23:06pm
Thanks Dalek.
Give it at try with LINQ to XML[^].
It is a great tool under .NET 4.

XElement root = XElement.Load("PurchaseOrder.xml");

// Find all elements of "Address" and select only elements where attribute Type is "Billing"
IEnumerable<xelement> address = from el in root.Elements("Address")
                      where (string)el.Attribute("Type") == "Billing"
                      select el;

foreach (XElement elm in address)
yesotaso 16-May-11 6:05am
Is there anything this bloody LINQ doesnt apply? :P
tbh I dont like VB but shows some promising stuff.
Kim Togo 16-May-11 6:17am
XML literals in VB.NET is cool. Could be great to have this feature in C# :-)
create one object of DataSet class like..
DataSet _ds = new DataSet("MyDataSet");

now change the record as per your need....
and update that data in database.......
Monika5 6-Mar-14 2:12am
i have written a query in xml file i.e.

<<Submenu querystring ="select * from Student1(table name)" Dbname="New Student Record"/>

and after that i want the result in C# coding that is the program read the xml file second pick the attributes valuethna make the connection with Datebase and then execute the query plz help me for this
[no name] 6-Mar-14 3:19am
User Xpath or for/each loop to get the element by name and acess attributes property with attribute name. later use these values

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