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I have a problem while converting date which is entered by user in format of 'MM-dd-yyyy'.
I used
dt = convert.todatetime(txt_date.text);

but it shows error as String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

Eg. I want to convert date "06-16-2011" as datetime using convert.todatetime.
Updated 15-May-11 23:48pm
Dalek Dave 16-May-11 4:16am    
Edited for Grammar and Readability.


  CultureInfo format_dt = new CultureInfo(en-US);
  dt = DateTime.ParseExact(txt_date.Text, "MM-dd-yyyy", format_dt)
 catch (FormatException)

This is working
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ambarishtv 16-May-11 4:46am    
my 5 for "FormatException" handling :)
If you want to convert a string to a date time, and it is going to always be in a specific format, rather than the culture of the PC it is running on, then use the DateTime.ParseExact[^] Method:
dt = Date.ParseExact("05-16-2011","dd-MM-yyyy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)
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Dalek Dave 16-May-11 4:17am    
This is true.
ambarishtv 16-May-11 4:43am    
the given syntax is not valid one.
how to manage when txt_date.text is invalid date format.

dt = convert.todatetime(txt_date.text.ToString("MM-dd-yyyy"));
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DateTime date= DateTime.ParseExact(dtText.Text, "MM-dd-yyyy", null);

Use it .

It may help you
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DateTime.TryParseExact() is the best way to convert string with custom format to DateTime datatype

string myDate = "06-16-2011";
            DateTime dt;
            //verify given date is valid or not
            if (DateTime.TryParseExact(myDate, "dd-mm-yyyy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture,     System.Globalization.DateTimeStyles.None, out dt))

             //invalid date format

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try this

//check for one more Thing TextBox1.Text should not be empty before converting
string dt = TextBox1.Text;
DateTime k = Convert.ToDateTime(dt);
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string dtText = TextBox1.Text;
Label1.Text = Convert.ToDateTime(dtText).ToString();
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You can use DateTime.Parse or DateTime.ParseExact instead of Convert.ToDate

Try out below link,

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