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I am trying to convert a program coded in VBA (MS Excel) to C#.
I keep getting an IndexOutOfRange Exception, although I see no probable cause for it.

Here is a snippet of my code in VBA:

Dim gAGA8Xj(21) As Double
    gAGA8Xj(1) = Methane
    gAGA8Xj(2) = Nitrogen
    gAGA8Xj(3) = CarbonDioxide
    gAGA8Xj(4) = Ethane
    gAGA8Xj(5) = Propane
    gAGA8Xj(6) = Water
    gAGA8Xj(7) = HydrogenSulfide
    gAGA8Xj(8) = Hydrogen
    gAGA8Xj(9) = CarbonMonoxide
    gAGA8Xj(10) = Oxygen
    gAGA8Xj(11) = iButane
    gAGA8Xj(12) = nButane
    gAGA8Xj(13) = iPentane
    gAGA8Xj(14) = nPentane
    gAGA8Xj(15) = nHexane
    gAGA8Xj(16) = nHeptane
    gAGA8Xj(17) = nOctane
    gAGA8Xj(18) = nNonane
    gAGA8Xj(19) = nDecane
    gAGA8Xj(20) = Helium
    gAGA8Xj(21) = Argon

and in C#:

double[] gAGA8Xj = new double[21];
gAGA8Xj[1] = Methane;
gAGA8Xj[2] = Nitrogen;
gAGA8Xj[3] = CarbonDioxide;
gAGA8Xj[4] = Ethane;
gAGA8Xj[5] = Propane;
gAGA8Xj[6] = Water;
gAGA8Xj[7] = HydrogenSulfide;
gAGA8Xj[8] = Hydrogen;
gAGA8Xj[9] = CarbonMonoxide;
gAGA8Xj[10] = Oxygen;
gAGA8Xj[11] = iButane;
gAGA8Xj[12] = nButane;
gAGA8Xj[13] = iPentane;
gAGA8Xj[14] = nPentane;
gAGA8Xj[15] = nHexane;
gAGA8Xj[16] = nHeptane;
gAGA8Xj[17] = nOctane;
gAGA8Xj[18] = nNonane;
gAGA8Xj[19] = nDecane;
gAGA8Xj[20] = Helium;
gAGA8Xj[21] = Argon;

I have tried pretty much everything I could think of - changing the base element index to 0, changing the size of the array, adding a null element indexed 0 etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Posted 18-May-11 4:22am
Updated 18-May-11 8:33am
Dalek Dave433.3K
Dalek Dave 18-May-11 14:34pm
Edited for Grammar and Readability.
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Solution 1

Arrays are zero-based. Therefore, your index should start at zero and end at 20 (for a grand total of 21 elements).

EDIT ============

Okay, I'll spell it out for you:

double[] gAGA8Xj = new double[21];
gAGA8Xj[0] = Methane;
... blah blah ...
gAGA8Xj[20] = Argon;
JoleynSephev 18-May-11 10:27am
I have tried that already and I'm afraid it doesn't work.
Marcus Kramer 18-May-11 10:49am
Actually, it will work.
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Solution 2

An array of size 21 can only handle a max index of 20, as arrays are 0 based, so yourArray[21] is going to cause a smash. Start at 0 and your last entry should be at index 20.

Hope this helps
An array of size 21 can indeed handle 21 elements - it's the index that matters in C# (as you stated).
JoleynSephev 18-May-11 10:35am
Like I said, I tried that- indexing from 0 to 20 did not work. I also changed the size of the array to bigger numbers but it didn't help. The code is pretty straightforward, I don't know where I could've gone wrong.
Marcus Kramer 18-May-11 10:50am
You've been told where you went wrong. Please accept and apply the answers as given, they are both correct.
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Solution 3

There is also the assumption that you declared all the other variables correctly.
(Methane, nitrogen etc as double)
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Solution 4

Incidentally, your declaration is not as elegant as it could be...

Double[] gAGA8Xj = {Methane, Nitrogen, CarbonDioxide...Helium, Argon};

This negates the indexing problem altogether.
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Solution 5

hmmmmmmm then try not assigning the values index by index, use initializing list and omit the array size as

double[] array = new double[] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 };

For your case

double[] gAGA8Xj = new double[]{ Methane, Nitrogen, . . . ., Argon };

if it is index out of range exception, other two solutions are also right.

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