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Hi friends, my project(custom word processor) has a richtextbox that opens in a form as a document for typing text and saving. From the properties of the richtextbox I can get the number of lines typed in by the user. The problem I have now is inserting page breaks as in Microsoft Word so that after a certain number of lines reached the Richtextbox can break page and start on a new page below. Also i would like to know the number of pages consumed by the typed text so that i can display it on the status bar below. Please any help on this, either code or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Updated 26-Jun-17 10:07am

Printing is basically drawing... when you print, you have to handle drawing the content to a canvas to be output on the printer page by page. Here is a link to an existing aritcle that deals with printing what is in a richeditbox... may be a good starting point for you.

Simple Printing Aritcle [^]
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How about adding a form feed? In VB that would be chr(12). You will not see that in a Rich Text Box, but it will appear if you open the file in Word or if you print it. That has worked in my application.
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Dave Kreskowiak 26-Jun-17 16:10pm    
You're only SIX YEARS too late to the discussion.

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