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i compile the driver in 64 bits computer successfully ,but when install that driver i found out that the it install is window.old .which is a directory win xp did;t have ,and the function i used ti get the path is :GetSystemDirectory()but the result it returned is windows.old. is there angthing i can do about it to fix this?and the driver path in win7 is what? i'm confused ,it seemed that windows.old is used for compatible.
Albert Holguin 19-May-11 22:29pm    
windows.old is a directory that gets left behind when you install a win7 upgrade over an old windows installation...
markfilan 19-May-11 23:46pm    
so, the driver path in WIN7 system is the same like XP?
Albert Holguin 20-May-11 10:07am    
in the 32bit win7 version it is, in the 64bit version its screwed up, the 64bit drivers go in the system32\drivers directory and the 32bit drivers are enclosed in the WoW64 directory... it doesn't make sense but that's how they did it
markfilan 22-May-11 3:11am    

1 solution

Check your environment variables and see if there's anything there pointing to that old directory. Doesn't make sense that GetSystemDirectory() would give you Windows.Old.
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markfilan 19-May-11 23:47pm    
environment variable? i did't get it.........where i have to check ?please tell me more ,thank you .
Albert Holguin 20-May-11 10:08am    
Do a search for environment variables, should tell you how to look them up in your system.

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