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My Strings look like this:
Hello; World;

The Attribute of my class is DelimitedRecord(";")

Now i get 2 Fields back.


How i can cut the ";" from the last word.

Best Regards Alex!
Updated 26-May-11 9:51am

You can call string.TrimEnd(';').

string mystring = "Hello;";

string mystring = mystring.TrimEnd(';');

// Output is "Hello"
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-May-11 14:10pm
As simple as that, a 5.
Kim Togo 27-May-11 8:11am
Thanks SA
fcronin 26-May-11 15:32pm
Is good, 5... just made another note below, use it in the class so the consumer doesn't need to sweat it.
Kim Togo 27-May-11 8:12am
Thanks fcronin
You can do like this also,
string s= "World;";

s = s.Remove(s.Length-1);
Well, if you wrote the class and the attibute DelimitedRecord(string)... if I were you and you do not want to return any empty split results... I would change your method in the class so you don't have to handle that every time.

public string DelimitedRecord(char delimiterChar)
   return mystring.TrimEnd(delimiterChar).Split(delimiterChar);
Kim Togo 27-May-11 8:19am
Yes you are right about changing the method for DelimitedRecord.
But the code you provide does not compile.
fcronin 27-May-11 9:52am
My apologies, I was just speeding thru it... it should return a string[] rather than a string.

public string[] DelimitedRecord(char delimiterChar)
return mystring.TrimEnd(delimiterChar).Split(delimiterChar);
If you can change the way how DelimitedRecord works. Then try to change it to

public string[] DelimitedRecord(char delimiterChar)
  foreach (string record in myOrginalString.Split(delimiterChar))
    // To some other works on each string from .Split
    if (record == "ID1123")
      record = "CURRENT " + record;

    yield return record;

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