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I would to know the difference between select * and select count(*)
If I use select * it gives an error

 "Msg 263, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Must specify table to select from" 

but select count(*) does not give any error
Instead It gives 1 as count.

May I know the reason.

Thanks in advance.
Updated 29-May-11 23:04pm
ZeeroC00l 30-May-11 5:04am
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When you say "SELECT *" you are writing a partial command: "SELECT these fields" without saving where they should come from. "*" is a wildcard which expands to "all fields" so you need to specify the table to read from:
"SELECT * FROM myTable"

When you say "SELECT COUNT(*)" you are a different command: a SELECT that returns a single item, the COUNT, of the number of items. Because there is no list, the result comes out at 1 - the count itself.
That's Aragon 30-May-11 5:17am
Good explanation in very simple words.Have my 5 :)
It mean in that table you have only one field and it has only one row.!

so, When you use 'select count(*)' it count no of rows from the table which you used recently.

for 'select * ' - you should mention the table name..!
sacraj 30-May-11 5:26am
I used select * from sample This table has got 5 columns
after this I executed the query "select * from count(*)" It gives an error
Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 1
Incorrect syntax near '*'.
What is problem in my query Please correct.
sivakumar321 30-May-11 5:27am
you can't use 'select * from count(*)' - invalid query..
Count(*) counts all the rows in the result set. Select * returns all columns for the rows in the resultset.

If the count is changing it's probably there are inserts and deletes happening against the destination table.

You can take a look at SQL Tutorial[^], it is a nice and simple way to learn more about SQL statements.

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