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I have a table by name student, now I need to filter student table with columns id and name this will result into a another table namely s. In s table I need to get a result of
(Select id,name from student)
 as s 

I am getting an error message "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AS'"
Updated 1-Jun-11 21:28pm

You query definitely looks wrong. I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do. Are you selecting the name of a the student who's id = 5 in a table with alias s?

Then try
Select from student as s where = 5
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Tarun.K.S 2-Jun-11 3:15am    
Oops you had already answered it! 5+
Abhinav S 2-Jun-11 3:20am    
No problem. :)
swathi6589 2-Jun-11 3:33am    
select id,name from student will result into a table namely x.I need to check the condition with table x
Tarun.K.S 2-Jun-11 4:10am    
Well you have updated your answer. Can you check mine if it worked for you?
try dis
if u want to get name means
select name as s from student where id=5 

else if u want id means
select id as s from student where id=5
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select, from student s where"5";

Perhaps helpful for sql syntax:[^]
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Hi Swathi,

Can you try this:
SELECT, FROM student AS s WHERE"5"


Then try this:

FROM student AS s
JOIN toppers
ON =
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Tarun.K.S 2-Jun-11 3:22am    
Edit: Added s to id and name.
swathi6589 2-Jun-11 5:12am    
I think, I am not clear to u. By any query I will get a result in table form,can I use alias name for resulted table.

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