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Hi Guys,
I am very new to Windows & WCF service.I need to write service in C# using "windows service".
Is there any possibility to cal windows service from WCF without hosting WCF service.
Plz do help

Why not self-hosting? What is "to call windows service from WCF"?!!

1 solution

You can only run a Windows Service by the Service Controller. The Service Controller has API which you can use to Start/Stop/Restart service.

Use the class System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController, see[^].

Now, I have no idea what that supposed to mean, "to call Windows Service from WCF"? WCF is not a Service, Application or a process, this is Windows Communication Foundation, essentially, a library and technology. If you can make some .NET code using Service Controller API and/or WCF, you can control a Service from this code. It's up to you what is that.

This is all you need to solve your problem of controlling a Windows Service.

By the way, why not self-hosting WCF in your Service? In my opinion, a Windows Service is a perfect host for WCF server part. This is up to you though. I mentioned it just to bring your attention to this: are you sure you really understand what is WCF hosting? If you do — my apologies, good for you. However, it would be nice if you explain why not using self-hosting by your Service. If you have a better idea, I would do curious to know what is it.

thatraja 3-Jun-11 1:35am
Yes, OP should clarify that. But you gave him nice explanation.
Thanks again, Raja.
(It looks like you up-voted...)
thatraja 3-Jun-11 2:13am
Yep. You can assume that when you see my replies SA :)
Thank you.

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