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Is java completly object-oriented?

Java is purely object oriented.I can explain that with a comparison between a java code and a C++ code.C++ is not purely object oriented.
Partially object oriented means the code works with out a "class" in the code.You can use classes but its not a C++ codes

void main()
{//No class definitions in this C++ code but it will run.

But purely object oriented means with out a class definition the program wont code

Public class techarena{ /*class defintion is a must and the file should me named
public classname with .java this eg. &quot;; */
public static void main(String args[])
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Tarun.K.S 3-Jun-11 7:26am    
I think you are right. 5+
Java supports primitive Datatypes like float, int, char so we can't call it 'completly' object oriented. Yes but this doesn't matters as need primitive types can't be eliminated.
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We can't say java is a completely object oriented language because it has primitive datatypes that's why we use Wrapper classes.

C# is completely object oriented language.
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The question is purely casuistic and has nothing to do with real OOP or other technological knowledge.
There is not such commonly-used notion of "completely object-oriented". Discussing over this question is just a waste of time.

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