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Hi guys,

How to include flash file in

Sathish K.

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Monjurul Habib 3-Jun-11 12:39pm    
nice link, my 5.
Espen Harlinn 5-Jun-11 6:06am    
That's a fair number of options, my 5
As thatraja points out through his link, there are quite a number of options.

Personally I prefer swfobject[^] - it works with most common browsers.

Best regards
Espen Harlinn
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Ed Nutting 5-Jun-11 6:20am    
Good link but Thatraja's link goes to a more standard method using standard tags. Personally, I would always avoid flash entirely and have, so far, succeeded in only using JavaScript and (mostly) standard HTML/CSS. Flash = nightmare for developers and users and it doesn't work on a lot of devices e.g. Apple iPhones :P
Espen Harlinn 5-Jun-11 6:36am    
swfobject provides workarounds for just about any problem usually encountered when embedding flash. I'm recommending swfobject because it's fairly well supported. So far reproducable problems have been fixed just about as soon as they were reported.

OPs' question was "How to include flash file in", he isn't asking about a "technology choice" i.e. flash vs other alternatives.
Ed Nutting 6-Jun-11 4:56am    
Yes fair point but it's still worth pointing out that flash is bad and hopefully dieing technology.
You can just download the FlashControl.dll file and add to your Toolbox. Then you just drag and drop FlashControl like other components and set movie url in flashcontrol.
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