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I Have a query Regarding Stored Procedure, I am Having Two Tables Parent and Child,
Parent - Primary Key Table,
Child - Foreign Key Table.

Parent Table Structure
Parent_Id - int,
FName - varchar,
LName - varchar,
Age int.

Child Table Structure
Child_Id - int,
Address - varchar,
State - varchar,
Country - varchar.

I Want To Insert Data In These Two Tables through One Sp.......

Can Anyone of u Can Know It Please Response it it's Very Important For Me...
Please Help Me ...
OriginalGriff 5-Jun-11 10:19am
What is the problem? What have you tried and got stuck with?

This thread[^] should help you out.
Write queries in sp one by one with their respective valid parameter.

I think you should give a try than meke question here. Anyways...

@Name VARCHAR(50),<br />
@Parameter2 INT,<br />
........<br />
.....<br />
AS<br />
BEGIN<br />
<br />
Insert INTO tbl_ABC(List of columns in which value to be inserted..) VALUES(Parameters..)<br />
<br />
....... Insert query 2 .............<br />
<br />

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