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How to map one dictionary to other for example Dictionary<string,Class> to Dictionary<string,Class.Value> ?
Thanks in advance.
Updated 5-Jun-11 10:28am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Jun-11 16:00pm    
Write more exactly what the property in your class should access. How the dictionaries should be mapped, informally?

Just as you describe.
Have two Dictionary one that holds <string, Class> and the second that has <string, Class.Value>

Class.Value has some Type, like a string, int etc.
The second Dictionary just has to be defined as <string, int>.
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apaka 5-Jun-11 14:45pm    
For some clearance, my problem is that I have a class that has Dictionary<string,item> and I want to have a property which would alow me to access Distionary<string,inearvalue> which has same keys but values would be Item.Value..
Kim Togo 6-Jun-11 4:05am    
In your Class, you can have a property that holds another Dictionary.

public class MyClass
public string MyKey;
public Dictionary<sting, InnerClass>

public class InnerClass
public string MyInnerValue;

You could simply have a Dictionary<string, Class> and access the Class' values by using the key.
For example:

Dictionary<string, MyClass> dictionary = new Dictionary<string, MyClass>();
MyClass instance = new MyClass();
dictionary.Add("MyString", instance);
dictionary["MyString"].Value = "SomeValue"

So it is possible to directly access the Properties and Methods of your Class from the Dictionary when you specify its key.
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