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Hi I create a namespace with 13 classes all derived from windows.form.control
after adding instances from my namespace to the form, i get memory allocation problem regarding that i have 6 Gigabytes of ram
at design time its so hard to add another instance, move an existing one or change there properties, knowing that in all classes the "OnPaint" is override
the visual studio solution takes 2.7 GB from the ram at design time is there any way to reduce this number .
Not enough information. See my general answer.

1 solution

It can be almost anything. Nobody can advice anything certain based on your information. I can tell just one thing: 2.7G looks crazy. There are different effective methods to reduce memory consumption, but they are all specific to the data structures and requirement to their use, in particular, to performance. Give more information on this matter to get a concrete advice.

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Jun-11 13:36pm
No, the only difference is that I know what I say and don't lie. I evaluate answer only by the truth, usefulness, etc. -- only by its content.

In this my answer the level of detail is perfectly defined by the level of detail provided by OP. The answer is useful as I give a constructive advice which should lead to further help. Do you see difference between this and plain lie you have written? I can stand for each word I say. If I make a mistake, I admit, fix it and give a credit to one who corrects me.

I explained where you say untrue and why you did not.
You do different thing -- you... revenge. This is indecent.
[no name] 12-Jun-11 13:55pm
@SAKryukov: Did you eat the wisdom with the spoon?

Sorry "god of knowlegde" that I allowed me to make a comment! I will try not to do it one more time.

One more time, it is f***ing personal if you call me a liar!
Stop to be that arrogant!!!

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