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How do I set which radio button is selected when I DoModal() the dialog they are in? Presently the wrong one is selected. I think I once knew, but I no longer remember.
Updated 16-Jun-11 15:25pm

1 solution

There's a couple of ways, most straight forward is...
  CButton *button = GetDlgItem( nID ); //nID is resource ID
  button->SetCheck( BST_UNCHECKED );   //Or BST_CHECKED
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mcsuman 17-Jun-11 11:21am    
Tnx, that solves my problem. But I'm puzzled as to what sets the default if I don't do it explicitly. Is it the order in the resource file?
Albert Holguin 17-Jun-11 13:48pm    
You should set your own defaults in the OnInitDialog() call... if there's a variable that's linked using the DDX_Control functions, than the default loaded will be whatever that variable indicates...
mcsuman 17-Jun-11 21:29pm    
Thank you, I think I'm getting it (I wrote a lot of Windows in C++ before 2000, but since then I've been stuck in VB, and retreading my brain is painful).
Albert Holguin 17-Jun-11 21:37pm    
I know the feeling... I forget a lot of things I've learned over the years... good luck!

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