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Hi Experts. I dont know wats wrong with the loop below. But when i call this function its supposed to insert the records in a listbox into a db access db table. but it saves the first record twice. Wat could i be doing wrong?
Product Code
124318N Mkate
124318N Mkate
141652G Rice
Sub AddToList()
With dbData.Recordset
For i = 1 To lvprod.ListItems.Count
    .Fields(0) = lvprod.ListItems(i).Text 'prod code
    .Fields(1) = lvprod.ListItems(i).SubItems(2)
    .Fields(2) = txtPrice.Text  'price
    .Fields(3) = lvprod.ListItems(i).SubItems(1) 'qty
    .Fields(4) = 0
    .Fields(5) = lvprod.ListItems(i).SubItems(4)
    .Fields(6) = Month(Now)
    .Fields(7) = Year(Now)
    Next i
End With
    End Sub

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Solution 1

I'm not sure this helps, but why are you using For i = 1 To lvprod.ListItems.Count? Aren't Lists zero based in VB? If so, I'd change it to For i = 0 To lvprod.ListItems.Count - 1, then step through the code in the debugger to see where it's getting something wrong.
Patoh58 19-Jun-11 14:20pm
Thanx walt.. But that produced an error.. I used the For i = 1 To lvprod.ListItems.Count to point to the first record in the listbox to the number of records the listbox has.

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