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Dear Developer,
how to run and make the .Net DLL as a 64 bit in visual studio 2005/2008 in 32 bit machine configation. I have the 32 bit machine but my client have 64 bit machine configation. And my 32 bit dll not run in his 64 bit machine configation. In my company we don't have 64 bit machine.then its my challenge to make 64 bit dll in 32 bit machine configation using visual studio 2005/2008.
Please anybody help me for this......

Thanks in advanced
Ravi Sharma

I can't guarantee this as I haven't tried, so I would recommend you backup your entire solution first.
In VS, open your solution. On the Menu, select "Build...Configuration manager"
On the dialog the appears, against you class library name, in the "Platform" column, open the drop down next to "Any CPU", and select "<New...>"
In the new dialog, select "x64" and "Copy Settings from" to "Any CPU".
"OK", and "Close"
You should now build for x64, with a bit of luck...
Ravi Sharma 2 19-Jun-11 10:48am
Dear Sir,
There is 2 option X64 And X84.
What is diffrence in X64 And X84.....
OriginalGriff 19-Jun-11 10:54am
"Dear Sir, There is 2 option X64 And X84. What is diffrence in X64 And X84"
If you mean "x64" and "x86", then "x64" are the 64 bit processors, "x86" are the 32 bit - the name "x86" comes from the original processor family names "80186", "80286", "80386", "80486" before Intel moved to "Pentium" to make it easier to trademark.
Antonyking 26-Jun-12 4:39am
I created one DLL in 2008 OS windows 7. 32 bit. I have one Question that dll will support in 64 bit?
Using reflector application you can convert it.
just open your dll code in vs2008 32-bit it will automatically convert it...

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