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When i add columns to a data grid, i get this error.

At least one of the DataGridView control's columns has no cell template.

Why is this happening?

Any idea?

Code to add new columns is:

dataGridView1.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
          DataGridViewColumn column1;
          DataGridViewColumn column2;
          DataGridViewColumn column3;
          DataGridViewColumn column4;
          DataGridViewColumn column5;
          DataGridViewColumn column6;
          column1 = new DataGridViewColumn();
          column1.DataPropertyName = "ID";
          column1.Name = "ID";
          column2 = new DataGridViewColumn();
          column2.DataPropertyName = "Name";
          column2.Name = "Name";
          column3 = new DataGridViewColumn();
          column3.DataPropertyName = "RegNum";
          column3.Name = "Registration Number";
          column4 = new DataGridViewColumn();
          column4.DataPropertyName = "Gender";
          column4.Name = "Gender";
          column5 = new DataGridViewColumn();
          column5.DataPropertyName = "Relationship";
          column5.Name = "Relationship";
          column6 = new DataGridViewColumn();
          column6.DataPropertyName = "Address";
          column6.Name = "Address";

Any help is much appreciated!

Updated 12-Jul-23 18:36pm

I thought use a list is best way, you can try it
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Richard Deeming 13-Jul-23 3:14am    
Check the date on the question. It only came back into the "active" list thanks to the idiot posting abuse in solution 3.
Try Google with your error message and then you might be able to find this link. I believe this will resolve your problem.
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Ahsan Mirza 21-Jun-11 2:04am    
Thanks bro!
Read this
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Ahsan Mirza 21-Jun-11 2:55am    
i was actually looking for windows application!

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