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Hi friends,

I m developing a Website which deals with online payment. is there any coding for online payment like paypal, credit card payment. i anyone know the coding please refer to me.


I have an article on this site, paypal has samples, surely you want to be more serious about accepting online payments than asking for random strangers to do it for you, without doing any research ?
If only there was a place I could go and search for articles to help me...

sathya.spidy 21-Jun-11 8:18am
I would backup Christian on this: asking random people for information is one thing, asking them for code to handle your online payments is downright stupid. How do you know that the payment and / or customer information is going to you, or only to you? It would be relatively simple to provide yoiu with code that worked, but which filtered out payments to myself...

For anything involving money,talk directly to the companies who are handling the payments: paypal, credit card management companies. Do not accept anything at face value from any other source. You could be held personally liable for any loses...
sathya.spidy 21-Jun-11 6:33am
Thanks for your advice
Hope Introduction to PayPal for C# - ASP.NET developers[^]an article from CP might help you.
sathya.spidy 21-Jun-11 6:32am
Thanks Ramalinga Koushik
Have a look at nopCommerce[^]

There are multiple projects in the Payment folder that all implement an IPaymentMethod interface. There are examples for Payal and various other payment providers.

It's an excellent open source project that I recommend you download and review.
sathya.spidy 21-Jun-11 7:20am
Hi sathya.spidy, where are you - are you in the UK?
sathya.spidy 21-Jun-11 6:30am
no i m not in uk
Nochexman 21-Jun-11 6:34am
OK, sorry I can't help.
sathya.spidy 21-Jun-11 8:17am
Thanks for ur interest

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