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when i import a bitmap,the VC++ give me a warning as follows:
the bitmap has been imprted correctly,however because it contains more than 256 colors it cannot be loaded in the bitmap editor.
how can i resolve this problem if i want to import the picture i want ,help,
TRK3 22-Jun-11 13:20pm    
Do you need to open the bitmap in the editor? The warning says it was imported correctly -- you just can't edit it inside VS.

Can't you just edit in MSPaint or Photoshop or whatever your favorite tool is?

Frankly, I find the VS bitmap editor to be non-intuitive and extremely limited -- if I need to edit a bitmap I do it in some other too.

I concluded a long time ago that Visual Studio should not be used for editing any images. You should get a combination of decent 3-part Open Source (or just free tools).

Here is my must-have list:

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applejj 29-Jun-11 6:19am    
thanks very much ,i will try to use them
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 29-Jun-11 6:24am    
You're welcome.
Thanks for accepting the answer.
Good luck, call back.
If you're asking about how to change it to 256 colors, just about any picture editor will let you do it. MS paint will let you save pretty much anything you can open to 256 color bitmap.
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applejj 29-Jun-11 6:18am    
thanks,i originally thought if the bitmap can not edit in the VC++6.0 it would means i have no rights to use it,now ,i know it is a wrong thoughts,thanks anyway,but i have seldom used any picture editor,i have no ideas about it ,and i do not know what will the editor will bring,maybe i should find about information about it
Albert Holguin 29-Jun-11 10:19am    
You don't need anything fancy, and don't really need any skills editing images. Very minimal knowledge is required, I'm sure you'll figure it out quickly. Cheers!

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