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*) i have used to xp (service pack-2) -system (32 bit). then installed visual studio 2008(framework 3.5) and i will have to connect the biometric device with my software.

*) i am utilizing zkemkeeper.dll.

*) dll file registered successfully. and all commands accepted.

*) but didn't change the boolean value for this following,

bIsConnected = AxCZKEM2.Connect_Net("",4371)

*) then i will check the bIsconnected value true means device connected. otherwise device is not connected, that is value is false.

*) i verified the PING in run prompt, it was working well and reply from that device...

*) this is my error , how to solve the problem.....

*) please give the idea to solve this problem.

Your question is a bit of a nonsense. We have no idea what device you're using, and therefore have no idea why you needed SP2, what the API is, or what on earth you're talking about. Overall, the odds of you finding someone who is using the same device, are low. You should check if the people who make the device have a FAQ, a support line, and a forum for you to ask on.
You should talk to the people who created it - they should provide technical support and will know more about their product than we will. If they don't, then find another supplier and demand your money back!

But you could also check your firewall: is port 4371 allowed? (I assume that is what the number is)

[edit]I can't even spell Firewall today... it's going to be a looong day - OriginalGriff[/edit]
some Code here........

this.eDatatransferNumber = checked(this.eDatatransferNumber + 1);
this.AnyDeviceSelected = true;
this.eDataTransfer1 = (AxCZKEM[])Utils.CopyArray((Array)this.eDataTransfer1, (Array)new AxCZKEM[checked(this.eDatatransferNumber + 1)]);
this.eDataTransfer1[this.eDatatransferNumber] = new AxCZKEM();
this.eDataTransfer1[this.eDatatransferNumber].AccessibleName = Conversions.ToString(index);

flag3 = ((AxCZKEM)this.eDataTransfer1.GetValue(index)).Connect_Net(iPAdd, 4370);

add reference that dll then run above Code

thanks and regards
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Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jun-12 13:28pm
You know you're answering to a post that's a year old, right??

and any code that uses Application.DoEvents() is absolute crap, right??

Also, don't post you're email in a public forum. The only people who give a turd are spammers.
Sarrrva 25-Jul-12 6:05am
i agree with you Dave..
:-) :-) :-)

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