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In a macro I have opened a new text file and copying data from excel sheet to that text file.It is working fine and i am getting data in the text file also.But........
The format is not in Good order,like

FirstName LastName
Bob John
Qwak crystal

But i want in this manner

FirstName LastName
Bob John
Qwak crystal

Even if i try to insert spaces also (Eg 5 spaces)between words,The format of one row to other row is different,Plz Give suggestions for this...........
Updated 23-Jun-11 2:38am
Prerak Patel 24-Jun-11 1:17am    
Check now. It was just a wrong variable name.

Try this function in your macro, before adding your data to text file.

'sValue=text of your cell
'sPad_Text=padding character - " " in most cases
'iMaxSize=desired width of field (greater than maximum size)
Public Function pad(svalue, spad_text, stype, imaxsize)
Dim length
length = Len(svalue)
If stype = "Left" Then
pad = String(imaxsize - length, spad_text) & svalue
pad = svalue & String(imaxsize - length, spad_text)
End If
End Function
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Member 7940184 24-Jun-11 2:47am    
it is giving error at:String(imaxxsize-length,spad_text)
Whats to add instead of this
Prerak Patel 24-Jun-11 2:49am    
why do you use imaxxsize while name of variable is iMaxSize?
Prerak Patel 24-Jun-11 2:50am    
Moreover, show me how do you call this function.
Member 7940184 24-Jun-11 2:59am    
Call pad(Sheet6.Cells(j, i).Value, "", "Left", 10)

Sub pad(svalue, spad_text, stype As String, imaxsize)
Dim length
length = Len(svalue)
If stype = "Left" Then
svalue = String(imaxsize - length, spad_text) & svalue
svalue = Value & String(imaxsize - length, spad_text)
End If
End Sub

Error:Invalid procedure call or argument
Baldur 24-Jun-11 4:57am    
Just saw your question. Could you please tell me the value of svalue when the error occurs?
Instead on Spaces put Tabs between the two columns
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Prerak Patel 23-Jun-11 7:42am    
It won't necessarily solve the problem. Consider last name 1)Shah 2)Challapakulla
[no name] 23-Jun-11 7:52am    
is it is like the last name is of two words???

That why i said to use tab char between 2 words. But your answer is correct. It will show the proper output.

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