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I am new to Device Driver Development. I am using Windows 7. Can anyone tell...

  1. What is a callback object?
  2. Difference between Free Build Environment & Checked build Environment?
  3. When we use UMDF and when KMDF?
  4. What are function drivers and filter drivers, and difference between them?

Thanx in advance... :)
Updated 26-Jun-11 12:52pm

2) Checked Build Environment allows to compile your driver with various built-in checks (asserts). This allows you to better debug your driver, however it works slower and takes more space on disk.

When you have debugged your driver, you should compile it in Free Build Environment. This allows to compile driver without built-in checks, so your driver works faster and takes less space on disk.
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Hi HarmanJeet

Here are some Links from MSDN. I think it'll help you and you will find answers of your questions.

1> CallBack Object:

2> Free & Checked build Environment:

3> UMDF:


4> function drivers:

filter drivers:

Naveen Kumar Dushila
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