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Hi all. I have a GridView that has over 200 rows. I want to change the background color where my Reference number is duplicates. I bind the data to my GridView in my code behind.
How do you do it?

Your help would be appreciated :-)

1 solution

Change your query to include count of occurrence using group by, if possible.
Then you can directly use RowDataBound event
If (e.Row.DataItem("occurrence") > 1) Then
 e.Row.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red
End If  

Otherwise, you need to loop through rows, and check whether it is duplicate or not and set the BackColor accordingly.
Gericke Hoeksema 27-Jun-11 7:51am
Thanks I have improved my query with the group by clause aslo by adding count to see all the duplicates, now I have another question.
Is it possible to set for every second duplicate a colour so that I only have 2 different colours seperating them that will still be readable for the user?
Prerak Patel 27-Jun-11 8:05am
For your case, I think second option would have been better, as you don't want to highlight both the rows.
Gericke Hoeksema 27-Jun-11 8:31am
Thats the thing I want to highlight all the rows.
for example some ref. numbers has between 2 and 7 duplicates. I want a chest board effect in my GridView. For the first Ref. number that has for example 2 duplicates must be red, the second Ref. number must with the duplicates must be blue. I hope my explanation is clearly now?

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