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I have a stored procedure something like below
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[spInsert]
@name1 varchar(100),
@name2 varchar(100),
@Id int,
@LastUpdated datetime,
@Volume decimal

declare @tableName varchar(100) = @name1 + '_' + @name2
INSERT INTO  [dbo]. [@tableName]
 VALUES( @Id , @LastUpdated , @Volume)

My issue is the table name in the procedure is a variable created inside the procedure. It says the table variable @tableName should be declared.

Also tried dynamic sql (im not sure what i did is dynamic sql or not) like
EXEC(' INSERT INTO  [dbo]. [' + @tableName + ']   
 VALUES( ' + @Id + ',' + @LastUpdated + ',' + @Volume + ')' )

This shows no error but record is not added to table.

It would be great if someone let me know how to proceed on this.


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Updated 10-Apr-23 23:34pm
OriginalGriff 28-Jun-11 7:16am    
DON'T SHOUT. Using all capitals is considered shouting on the internet, and rude (using all lower case is considered childish). Use proper capitalisation if you want to be taken seriously.

try changing your dynamic insert statement as below

' INSERT INTO [dbo]. [' + @tableName + ']
VALUES( ' + cast(@Id as varchar(20)) + ',' + cast(@LastUpdated as varchar(30)) + ',' + cast(@Volume as varchar(30)) + ')' )
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One of the things I always do when creating dynamic sql is to 'print' it first to see what it is producing: great way to mitigate any errors. Anyway, along those lines try something like:

declare @Id int, @LastUpdated datetime, @Volume decimal
set @Id = 1
set @LastUpdated = getdate()
set @Volume = 10
declare @Sql nvarchar(max), @tableName nvarchar(100)
set @TableName = 'dummy'
set @Sql =
'insert into [dbo].' + @tableName + ' (Id, LastUpdated, Volume)
 values(' + convert(nvarchar, @Id) + ',''' + convert(nvarchar, @LastUpdated) + ''',' + convert(nvarchar, @Volume) + ')'
print @Sql
-- exec sp_executesql @Sql

uncomment the exec when you are ready and, obviously, only use the part pertinent to your requirement.
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Sorry for the delayed reply. I made a mistake while forming the SQL query to be executed using exec(@sql). The datetime data (column named 'LastUpdated') i tried to insert without quotes (string n date type data should be in quotes for insert). Once I corrected that my procedure worked fine.

Thanks all for reply and the above 2 answers looks correct though i did not try as I found what my prob was.

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so how can i get insertred record id and output it
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Richard Deeming 11-Apr-23 5:48am    
Your question is not a "solution" to someone else's question.

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