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hello, this is vikash.

Say I have a table with data as follows :

EmpID Grade
1 A
2 B
3 B
4 A
5 B
6 A
7 A
8 A

now i want to make all A as B and all B as A in a single update query.

How can this be done.

Please help.

Thanks in Advance.

This can be done using case block. Refer to this example:

UPDATE titles
       SET price =
                   WHEN (price < 5.0 AND ytd_sales > 999.99)
                                   THEN price * 1.25
                   WHEN (price < 5.0 AND ytd_sales < 1000.00)
                                   THEN price * 1.15
                   WHEN (price > 4.99 AND ytd_sales > 999.99)
                                   THEN price * 1.2
                   ELSE price

your case is much simpler.
Use a CASE statement (and possibly a WHERE clause to filter for only a's and b's).

UPDATE [grades]
   SET [grade] = case when [grade] = 'A' then 'B'
                    else 'A'

Uday P.Singh 29-Jun-11 15:16pm
good answer my 5 :)

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