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How to implement a pipe concept in c under windows?
How to create it?
How to use it in another process?
How to Exchange data?

Please help me..

Thank you,

1 solution

I recently answered here: how to write and read information via pipes[^].

What is it, are you from the same school, getting same assignment? :-)

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fjdiewornncalwe 30-Jun-11 14:56pm    
Looks like one of the very first coding assignments a student would get. I agree that we probably have a bunch of classmates asking the same thing... :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Jun-11 15:06pm    
Thank you, Marcus.
Amazingly, it happens from time to time; no one confessed so far. :-) As to this question and reference question by the other patient -- both re-posted heavily. Apparently, people from the same school have something in common :-).

By the way, Marcus, I thought a while ago I notified you about my article you've encourage me to right, I credited you in the text of the article. Did you see it yet?
fjdiewornncalwe 1-Jul-11 0:12am    
You did indeed. When you released the article, I was quite busy and was only able to browse over it without looking at it in-depth. I have done that today and I'm very impressed. See my comment there.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-Jul-11 16:26pm    
Thank you very much, Marcus. I don't see any of your comments though.
fjdiewornncalwe 4-Jul-11 11:13am    
I think there must have been a glitch after submission. My vote worked, but the comment didn't get in. I'll re-add the comment later today.

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