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I have created a usercontrol, containing a dropdownbutton.

The dropdownbuttons dropdowncontent contains a number of checkboxes, which are supposed to be bound to boolean properties of the usercontrol itself (for safe keeping until a ok is pressed and the booleans gets copied to the datacontext where it is used as search criteria in a database search).

But {StaticResource Self} does not work and neither does looking for the ancestor type. Propably because the checkboxes are in the dropdowncontent area of the dropdownbutton.

The question is: How do I in XAML bind to properties on my usercontrol (that is, properties defined in the code behind file) from a dropdownbuttons dropdowncontent?


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I think you must use delegate

Try this example:
In your code behind page:
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
   //Do something?...
  ucOverride.SendValue += delegate(bool checkedOverride)
      if (checkedOverride == true)
          // Do somthing here?...
   //Do something?...

In you custom control page code behind:
public delegate void SendData(bool checkedOverride);
public event SendData SendValue;

protected void btnOk_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
  bool checkeds = false;
  if (chkOverride.Checked)
     checkeds = true;
     checkeds = false;
  if (SendValue != null)

Hope this could help...

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Member 7454184 1-Jul-11 2:45am    
I should have told you I am using WPF... but you led me on the right track.

My mind was running in view/viewmodel track. I never even thought about using the values of the usercontrol's children directly. Thanks for giving me that thought.

Here's a link to some explanations about my trouble binding from dropdownbutton's content:

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