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Hello, I have Datatable like

   Date        Preferance
30/07/2011      0
02/03/2011      1
10/12/2011      2
01/12/2011      3

I am trying to sort prefenaces column as per date(Samllest date will get first prefenace),i am trying to get values in datatable like

 Date       Preferance
30/07/2011      1
02/03/2011      0
10/12/2011      3
01/12/2011      2

i am trying to sorts dates in datatable,
i have tried
Datatable.Select(filterExp, sortExp, DataViewRowState.CurrentRows)
Datatable.DefaultView.Sort = "ID ASC"; 

but both this are not working this method takes date as string

What to do for this,please help </pre>
Updated 16-Jun-22 3:39am

Why you are using ID ASC. You should use Preferance ASC
Datatable.DefaultView.Sort = "Preferance ASC"; 
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psychic6000 30-Nov-12 12:00pm    
worked for me, thanks :)
ali yeganeh 7-Apr-14 11:43am    
this is good way
xyberice 1-Jul-16 11:11am    
Doesn't work. You need to re-assign the DataTable (as shown in solution 6)
I think this is the easiest way to sort a Datatable..

dt.DefaultView.Sort = "Parameter_Name";
dt = dt.DefaultView.ToTable();
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B00SA 28-Dec-12 20:37pm    
Good suggestion. Works also with more than one column names.
Member 10364869 28-Oct-13 7:50am    

This is the true answer....!!
spencepk 22-Nov-13 8:21am    
Roger that... works a treat!
itman2 30-Dec-14 11:35am    
tanks alot for this solution mr shakthi500.
necsa59 6-Nov-16 21:21pm    
Thanks, excellent
This[^] is how I'd solve this problem.
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Google, my friend, Google.
A very quick search using your subject as the search term lead me to MSDN: Filtering and Sorting Directly in Data Tables[^]

Next time, try google first!
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DataTable _dt = new DataTable();
_dt.Columns.Add("Date", typeof(DateTime));
_dt.Columns.Add("Preferance", typeof(int));

_dt.Rows.Add("30/07/2011", 0);
_dt.Rows.Add("02/03/2011", 1);
_dt.Rows.Add("10/12/2011", 2);
_dt.Rows.Add("01/12/2011", 3);

DataView _dv = new DataView(_dt);
_dv.Sort = "Date ASC";

for (int i = 0; i < _dv.Count; i++)
    Console.WriteLine(Convert.ToDateTime(_dv[i]["Date"]).ToString("dd/MM/yyyy") + "\t" + _dv[i]["Preferance"]);
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TableToConvert.DefaultView.Sort = "EVENT_ID";
DataView TableView = TableToConvert.DefaultView;
DataTable NewTable = TableView.ToTable();

The new Table will be sorted
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Thomas Daniels 28-Nov-12 11:59am    
Why do you post an answer to a question from 1 year ago?
That doesn't make sense.
DataTable dtCategory = dsHotelResponse.Tables["Category"].DefaultView.ToTable(true,"ApartmentNo", "Gross").Select("ApartmentNo='" + (roomNo) + "'", "Gross asc").CopyToDataTable();

roomno is use for to filter dynamic values for ApartmentNo change it depend upon your condiction
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CHill60 20-Jul-13 15:33pm    
Why are you posting a solution to a question from 2 years ago - and where's the sort?
chirag.jdk 22-Jul-13 7:50am    
chill60 check my code correctly you got your solution here Gross asc is filter express and i give this solution bcoz now one provide solution for sort and condition together
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Nelek 6-Nov-12 8:45am    
Did you notice that the question is from July 2011?
Just Use the following code for Reordering Rows in DataTable :
ds.Tables["dtPaymentScheduleTemplateInstallments"].DefaultView.Sort = "[Display Order] ASC";
dtgInstallments.DataSource = ds.Tables["dtPaymentScheduleTemplateInstallments"].DefaultView;

Where :
ds --> DataSet
dtPaymentScheduleTemplateInstallments --> DataTable within DataSet
[Display Order] --> ColumnName on behalf we are Reordering
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CHill60 2-Aug-13 13:03pm    
Did you realise that this question is from 2 years ago and already resolved?
//Sorting the Table
            DataView dv = dt.DefaultView;
            dv.Sort = "ParamValue asc";
            DataTable sortedtable1 = dv.ToTable();
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