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hey guys

I'm quite new in assembly programming and i have an assembly project to handle, and also I'm in terrible situation! my assembler won't work! it marks errors which totally are not errors i.e when you write PUSHA/POPA this is an error and etc [ that was just an example! ].

I've all codes i need to make my project work and i'm sure that those are current, i also worked with Emulator but it won't work good neither it interprets my code very randomly!! for example i have MOV CX,VAR it interprets MOV AX,1!!! or i've never ever used in my codes MOV [BX + SI],AL but I see it several times in my interpreted code! which makes the program write in memory unintentionally!! and makes trouble (lots of trouble!!).

actually i don't know what else i should do!!! i googled about MASM and end up with 2 major links Microsoft Macro Assembler 8.0 (MASM) Package (x86)[^], MASM32[^]

I've downloaded both but i don't know to work with them!!!

My first question is is there any way to write entire assembly project and assemble that project with VS?

and the other question is if there is no way to assemble with VS, then what else should i do?

PLEASE can any body guide me on this, i know the language but i don't know the tools!!!

I need help ASAP.

thanks in advance
Updated 1-Jul-11 1:32am

I believe they're commandline tools as opposed to having an IDE, but never having used them before, I'm not sure. As an alternative to using MASM, you could write asm code in unmanaged C++, but there may be some restrictions as to what you can do.

Google is your friend.[^]

BTW, the latest version of MASM is 9.1.
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There is more to this than meets the eye. It is most unlikely that the assemblers are generating incorrect code, and more likely that you are doing something wrong. Try reducing your code to a few simple lines and reassemble to see exactly what is happening. Also check any directives you are using to ensure the assembler is generating for the correct target architecture.
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