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how can i make a pyramid with a texbox? for example

1st level textbox1
2nd level two textbox textbox2 and textbox3 of the textbox1
3rd level four textbox textbox3 and textbox4 of textbox2 then textbox5 and textbox6 of textbox3

and soon and sofort... pls help me
Richard MacCutchan 2-Jul-11 4:46am    
First thing to do is draw on paper what your final view will look like. This will show you the number and sizes of the textboxes on each row. A little basic mathematics will give you the answer.

You just put the textboxes on the form where you want them. Am I missing someting ?
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Comments 2-Jul-11 2:33am     CRLF
it take something like this The first list "row" would have 1 textbox as the "column". The second "row" would have 2 and so on.
My approach to this would be to create these textboxes at runtime.
I would have a list of "rows", each containing these textboxes as "columns".

The first list "row" would have 1 textbox as the "column".
The second "row" would have 2 and so on.

Give this approach a try and see if you run into any issues.
Maybe someone will post a better approach as an answer in the meantime.
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Comments 2-Jul-11 2:31am    
but how can i make it pls gave me a sample of code for the first row and second row
Christian Graus 2-Jul-11 2:44am    
Why do you want this ? It's really easy. If you don't lay them out on a form to start with, you just calculate their positions as you create them in code. Surely you know how to design a form ? You create a control with it's constructor, then add it to the Controls collection of hte form and set it's position.

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