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iv'e got an assignment witch requires me to update the northwind database , iv'e done every thing like the tutorials say as follows
i fill The DataTable Using The DataAdapter.Fill(table);
i build the Delete,Insert,Update Commands using CommangBuilder

SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(selectStr, conn);
        SqlCommandBuilder builder = new SqlCommandBuilder(adapter); 
        adapter.DeleteCommand = builder.GetDeleteCommand(true);
        adapter.UpdateCommand = builder.GetUpdateCommand(true);
        adapter.InsertCommand = builder.GetInsertCommand(true);

i also set a primary key for the table :
DataColumn[] employees_keys = new DataColumn[2];
employees_keys[0] = employees.Columns["EmployeeID"];
employees_table.PrimaryKey = employees_keys;

now iv'e attempted to delete and add a row :
//accepts an employee object and creates a new new row with the appropriate values for 
// an employee table row 
DataRow row = ConvertEmployeeToRow(employeeToAdd);

and deleting a row :
DataRow row = employees.Rows.Find(employeeToDismiss.ID);

i should also point out that iv'e attempted to use row.SetAdded() and row.Delete()
any ways at the end when i try to update the database
int k = employees_adapter.Update(employees_table);

on added rows sometimes k get valued , on remove never , and in either case nothing really gets updated at all in the data base it self .
any insight of what i'm doing wrong would be most appreciated.

1 solution

To add a row to a DataTable try using NewRow() method of your "employees" DataTable and then assign new values columns of this new row

Remove method of DataTable does'n delete a row . it just remove a row from DataTable . try using Delete() method of datatable .

the pseudo code could be something like :

// Adding a row<br />
DataRow row = employees.NewRow();<br />
row["someField1"] = someText1 ;<br />
row["someField2"] = someText2<br />
employees.Rows.Add(row);<br />
<br />
// Deleteing a row<br />
employees.Rows.Find(employeeToDismiss.ID).Delete();<br />
<br />
int k = employees_adapter.Update(employees_table);

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