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hi all

is there any way by which i can redirect a url to another url,if the existing url is among the list of prohibted urls....
i am writing the code in if any body has any idea regarding it..plz help....
i wan the code to work for all web browser....that's the key factor..
let suppose i write in the URL address as "".and this URL is already i the list of blocked according to my application it will redirect this request to a default page,let suppose the default page would be""...
plz help me.....
Updated 3-Jul-11 19:54pm

1 solution

I guess you already have that list of blocked sites and you are writing code for block them and redirect to your default redirecting site..

It is a very basic functionality of a standard firewall...

Well for blocking or allowing any site requested from the browser you must capture those request and take action... and i think you already wrote the code for this, it is a firewall program actually. (If you are having problem in writing firewall then ask me)

For redirection there is a HEADER in HTTP specification called LOCATION you need to set this header by your desired redirecting site like "" in your response.

Otherwise you can use meta redirect. (Which is easier way...)

<title>Your Page Title

Optional page text here.
this site is blocked and you are redirection to

Here 5 indicates how many seconds you want to wait before redirect, meanwhile you can show a message that, this site is blocked and you are redirection to

Good Luck ;-)
vaibhavbvp 25-Jul-11 1:54am
hi sir..thanx for your kind response,ya its exactly a firewall,but unfortunately i dont know how to make a firewell..please send me some sample codes of firewll for blocking,it wud really be very helpful for me,i am really stucked off in this problem,and still have not got the ans,though i know the theme but i dnot know how to make the firewall.please help the needy..hoping for your kind response...
Ashish Tyagi 40 28-Jul-11 10:09am
Hello Vaibhav, I was very busy when you commented on it, now I am developing code for you and hopefully I will add it as an artical. just give me some time. Mean while do some work on sockets and blcking/non-blocking IO's. And are a student or working?
Ashish Tyagi 40 28-Jul-11 11:04am
And also read this
vaibhavbvp 29-Jul-11 10:45am
Hi Sir
thanx for your such a great help for me,i am a student..sir i now the basics of network programming.Sir i have tried to find your email,but could not findit would be nice for me if i could get your email address
Ashish Tyagi 40 29-Jul-11 12:23pm
Don't call me sir, I am your friend. I am on ashishtyagi40 at gmail
vaibhavbvp 31-Jul-11 0:58am
Okay,i will contact you from email too...

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