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I have a Dotnet applcation comprised of several DLL's . So usually some changes will come in these DLLs , to update each change made in DLL to applcation , i perform the IISRESET command , this affects the other users of the my application.Their session gets disconnected. How can i resolve this..issue ..Is there any options to do without affecting other users ? Kindly explain...

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The only chanche you have (and that I Know) to reload a DLL without the reload of the application context is BY DESIGN, performing and managing at runtime the loading and re-loading of the DLL, but it is far away from a basic design pattern.

Be also aware that IISRESET do more than shutdown your application, it shutdown the entire IIS server so all the users of all webapp deployed on the server got their session lost.
IISREST is not necessary to reload the application,
changing a DLL in the the BIN folder will automatically trigger an application restart.

If you are not confident and prefer to be "personally" sure of the restart you can use a simple and dirty trick.
Open the web.config with notepad, change it in a non disruptive mode " for example add or remove a <space>" and save it.This will casuse quite instantly the context reload.

Another way to cause a relaad of the application without shutting down all the server is to deploy it in a dedicated pool and to perform a recycle of that pool.
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Sabari MD 11-Jul-11 1:16am    
Thank you ragsta..for your answer , but if we recylce an application pool , it will also affect the entire user session of that application so all the users of that application gets interrupted while doing that..How can we avoid this? Is it possible with application pool "refresh" option?

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