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I want to insert a dynamically created gridview data into database.

Please help me friends.
Updated 4-Jul-11 21:53pm
Dalek Dave 5-Jul-11 2:53am
Edited for Clarity.


take a blank row and bind the row as datasource. by this you will get the one blank row in grid afterwords you can add data to them. but yes for this you need have knowledge of view state.

hoping it will help you.. right comments if you need any furthur help


nithibs 5-Jul-11 2:31am
i bind the datas already but now i want to insert the grid rows into database....
here i am giving the code for dynamically created grid datas...

protected void addprobtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (addprobtn.Text == "Add")
if ((txtpid.Text.Length > 0) && (txtpname.Text.Length > 0))
string pid = txtpid.Text.Trim();
string pname = txtpname.Text.Trim();
AddDataToTable(pid, pname, (DataTable)Session["myDatatable"]);
addpro_Grid2.Visible = true;
addpro_Grid2.DataSource = ((DataTable)Session["myDatatable"]).DefaultView;


lblmsg.Visible = true;
lblmsg.Text = "Enter Product ID & Product Name";

private void AddDataToTable(string pid, string pname, DataTable myTable)
DataRow row;
row = myTable.NewRow();
row["pid"] = pid;
row["pname"] = pname;

private DataTable BuildTable()
DataTable myDataTable = new DataTable();
myDataTable.Columns.Add("pid").DataType = Type.GetType("System.String");
myDataTable.Columns.Add("pname").DataType = Type.GetType("System.String");
return myDataTable;

if i use this above code and enter the data in textboxes and click the add button it will dynamically create the gridview....

now, i want to know how to insert that into database
Christian Graus 5-Jul-11 2:58am
You can add anything you like in the DB, it's all the same. What you can't do, is use dynamically created stuff that was added in an event, as it's added too late to have viewstate. Just like I said.
The fact it's dynamically created means you won't be able to find it's data unless you insert it before page_load, otherwise, it's viewstate is lost. Once you can get it's data, you insert it like any other.

Now you know your Gridview and their respective rows right. take a button and on click event initialilze the connection for DB. Using a loop create a string that has insertion data from grid and finaly execute that command.

it will insert the data into respecetive DB.

for example point google for How to insert data from gridview to DB. it will give you lots of link.


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